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Is it worth taking a visualization course?

    Yes, 3-4 first orders can really return the money spent on training. The cost of courses in most cases pays off quickly. But almost no visualization course will teach you how to make money. Of course, in theory, if you improve the quality of your work, then customers will start looking at you more often and there will be more orders. But this is only in theory. In practice, unfortunately, this is not the case. I will cover this in more detail in another blog. And now about the courses themselves.  
   Courses in 2 weeks, or express  courses are not working. 
Of course, in two weeks you will be able to discover a whole new world of 3D graphics, and you will feel like a creator who wants to do something new, original. But being even the most diligent student, faced with the first problems, you will understand that you know only the tip of the iceberg.  
  Good courses last at least 4 months. It is very important for you to know not only visualization, but also 3D modeling, composition, color composition, post-processing. And also sculpting, tissue stimulation, texturing, animation basics can be useful.  
   A 3d artist is the same artist who draws on paper, but uses software that takes a lot of time to learn.

   You will never be told about the cons in your career. Most of the courses talk about an empty market, about the absence of competitors and a shortage of workers. But remember that almost every half year, 1 school can graduate from 8-14 students. During the gold rush, only sellers of shovels make money.
   You can also read about the details and subtleties of the minuses and pluses in a career 

  And remember, any information that you will be told in the courses is freely available on the Internet. Finding it is not always easy, but I can say with confidence that almost any of your questions as a beginner student can be found in Google. The only exception can be the study of new features of the software that came out with the update.  

   If I were to advise you, I would  said so . Start learning simple, watch free video tutorials, after a week or two you will understand that information is hard for you. In this case, either you are not interested, or you are completely new. Curiosity will eventually do its job and you will learn this profession. In about a year or two. With courses, you can do it about twice as fast. Why is this happening? If  If you are a beginner and the topic is interesting to you, then watching the video leaves more questions than before watching it. You need time to find the answers to these questions. 

   Courses give you a Mentor who will answer your questions faster. As for me. I studied 3D modeling, animation, visualization, post-processing myself. I took courses to improve professionalism, but I realized that these courses will not solve this issue. I didn't complete the course. I follow several schools and the pictures they make are really good.

   But I want to note that copying a picture from professionals and creating your own are completely different things.

Below is a chronology of the development of my abilities as a 3d artist.








Completed courses









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