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Do clients need photorealism?

  We accept almost everything from the client. All that we can open and see. Drawings, sketches, freehand drawings, photos, 3D models, regular messages, videos, etc. To get a photorealistic picture, you need a little time and understanding of the process. He is dumb now and will tell
   The first thing we need is an understanding of the location . Will it be interior or exterior, we need photos or drawings or sketches. Having received them, we will start creating 3D models. We can make 3d models an exact copy of the existing ones in the real environment, or download approximate 3d models. Sample 3d models are often used in interior decoration or outdoor vegetation. At the same time, downloading models will cost less than exact copying. When the 3D location is ready, we will make several versions of the 3D camera and send it to you for approval.  
   When you like the camera and you understand that you want to see your favorite chair by the fireplace, we will start working on lighting and composition. At this stage, we may have additional questions. For example: what kind of lighting do you want? Sun or clouds? Bright or dim. Perhaps you will have an example or a picture that you liked before. 
After that, we will send you a render without textures but with adjusted lights, if you like it, we will move on and adjust the textures and materials.  
  When all this is ready , we will send you the first preview image for approval, it may be low resolution or noisy, but these effects are only at the preview stage. If all is well, we will do final rendering and post-processing.  
  So, in short, all the stages of creating an image can be described as follows:
1. 3D modeling of the location
2. Setting the camera
3. Lighting setting
4. Adjust textures
5. First preview and rounds of edits
6. Final

Below is an example with preview rounds  

rendering process step 1
rendering process step 2
rendering process step 3
rendering process step 4
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