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Secrets of a 3D artist or cons in a career

  Now I will not talk about studios, but about freelancers, about people who have been doing what they love for quite some time. There are really a lot of pluses in the career of a 3D artist. How  in the office and freelancing. This is a creative profession and each new project is something new, completely different. Starting it is like starting a new life, from scratch. But almost no one talks about the cons. Cons are little secrets. Let's talk about them.  
  When you freelance, you work a lot.
People who leave the office to freelance pursue the goal of independent, and independent earnings. These people don't like bosses. And the opposite of such a system is to work from project to project. And everyone wants to get a big project. Getting it ready for great difficulties.  The difference in time zones, urgent previews, rounds of edits, will make your working day 16-18 hours. If an error occurs due to your fault, you will sometimes have to sit for 24 hours. So take care and try to avoid it
  Clients like to consider all possible options for their project. And if you love a client, you will try to please him. This will lead to multiple rounds of edits. If you didn't discuss them before the project, get ready for  they may be much more than you expected.
  Prepare for payment delays.
In almost all cases  they are from one day to two months. If your financial situation is bad, be careful before the project and take an advance payment
  Prepare for no projects
Yes, you will have periods of unemployment anyway. This can last from one week to two months. Yesterday you had a lot of projects and you didn't sleep at night and now you don't know what to do. During the period of unemployment, take care of your promotion, this is exactly the time when you can do it.

  3d artist is no longer a new profession
  Despite the active promotion of business trainings and 3D visualization courses, remember that every year thousands of new people enter the market. Over the past five years, competition has only increased. As in any other profession, the profession of a 3D artist is not unique, it has many pitfalls. If you are interested in whether the courses will help a beginner 3D artist, you can read this 

Therefore, you need to work everywhere. Love your profession and then you will overcome any difficulties only with interest 

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